Oops, dropped my notes…

I recently started getting into reading again. Reading for fun. Emphasis on the word fun. Since high school all I’ve been reading are textbooks and powerpoints and notes I’ve taken during lectures. Found it was time to get back into the wonderful world of reading.

I love books. I’ll post anything and everything about books on this blog – my new outlet for rants, raves, reviews, and the like. I’m most likely going to post somethings I’ve read and bought over the last month before I started this blog. However, after that, I have no plans or days I’ve set aside to blog and review and write. I’m still in school and plan to finish. Unfortunately, school does come first. But, there will definitely be times when I need to de-stress and procrastinate and do something other than schoolwork. [Ha! “Need”]

Anyways, thanks for dropping in. Drop me a line. Drop me a book. Drop me a line from a book? [haha]

Let’s just play this by ear, shall we?


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