Book Signing & Meet the Author: Marissa Meyer

Kind of a late entry but…

Marissa Meyer came to my hometown and was discussing & signing her debut novel, Cinder.

I used to be an avid reader, but post-secondary, I lost my free time to school and studying. I owe it to Marissa Meyer and her new novel to get me back into it. Cinder caught my attention early this month. It was pure coincidence that Marissa Meyer was doing a signing a few days after I had bought the book!

So off I went to stand in the back of the already-gathered crowd and wait for Marissa Meyer to make her appearance.

She was very pleasant and friendly. According to her, she got to writing the Lunar Chronicles when she entered a fanfiction contest to write a futuristic fairy tale – for which she chose Puss In Boots, which I also love. [I managed to track down the link to that story if anyone is interested in reading it: Luna Version 4.2] She read from a few pages of Cinder and answered a few audience questions.

I know it's Dreamworks' Puss In Boots, but he is toooooo cute!

Loved learning that:

  • Book 2, Scarlet, would have elements of Little Red Riding Hood in it
  • Book 3, Cress, is based off of Rapunzel
  • Book 4, Winter, introduces a futuristic Snow White
  • Cinder will continue on as a main character throughout the series
  • The Lunar Queen is THE evil villain. Eeeeeeeeevvvvvvvviiiiiiiilllllllll!

So after that she started the signing. Super long line, but she was super nice in the brief moment I spoke to her as she signed my copy of the book. I didn’t get a picture with her, but here’s the little inscription: [in purple too, so it matches the cover – as Marissa and I chatted about during the 1 minute it took for her to write it out, haha!]

Will definitely be going to more of these so-called “book-signings” if I see anymore come along my way.


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