Deadly Sin Sunday #2

Adapted from the “7 Deadly Sins of Reading” TAG that is going around the BookTube community. This tag originated from BookishlyMalyza’s Video,


My most inexpensive book is probably $0.75.
I absolutely love browsing used thrift stores or used book stores for good deals. Granted, the times when I find something absolutely awesome and cheap are few and far between, but when there is something, my change pocket is almost always emptied.

I live in Canada and there aren’t many bookstores such as “Half-Price Books” here (other than Chapters, but that store doesn’t sell less than the cover cost unless it’s in the bargain section or if it’s on special). So lucky you, folks!

 I like being cheap, and with books, I often don’t mind buying at full price. However, it’s not something I do a lot since it can get really expensive. And I’m a starving student here!

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