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Friday Quirk #8: Colour Coordinated

So I recently gave my bookshelves a makeover…


How do you organize your bookshelves?

Friday Quirk #7: E-reading – a thing of the present

I recently received a Kobo e-reader as a present. Now, in the past, I generally was against e-reading and much preferred the feel, sight, smell, and look of physical hardcopy books. [Who doesn’t?] However, now that I have this unlimited supply of books at my fingertips, I may have changed my mind.

I have been adding books to my e-reader over the last week and the sheer number of books on there is enough for more than 2 years at the rate I’m reading. Plus, not that heavy if I’m travelling and very convenient with the battery life. It is more awesome than I expected it to be.

How about you? Any e-reader haters or lovers out there?

Friday Quirk #6: Notes to Self

This isn’t one of MY quirks in particular, but I know people who do this and seen the aftermath first-hand…

Do you write notes in the margins of your books?

I prefer to leave my books intact and as pristine as possible. Even my textbooks are devoid of highlights and notes. Personally, I normally do not have any ideas I feel the need to write while I am reading. I can see how others do though. Some books are thought-provoking and theme-heavy. However, I read to enjoy, escape, and relax. Writing notes about books just seems too “formal” in a sense. Not putting anyone down who does do this – props to you if you do! Just isn’t my thing.


Friday Quirk #5: Cover Madness

Publishers changing the cover style in the middle of a series!
Dislike this! It just makes all the covers I started buying look like a completely different series once the covers change! Plus, I don’t like the inconsistency…

These are the only two weird cover changes that I own.. that I know of. But I’m sure there are many more out there!

Nightshade Trilogy

Shatter Me series



Friday Quirk #4: Doggone Dog-ears


That’s all I have to say…

[Images of dogearred pages / folded pages / abused pages]

Friday Quirk #3: Preserve Thy Jacket

So I just finished reading Divergent (awesome book by the way – review to come) and I own it, and many other books, in hard cover. I don’t know about all of you, but I have to take off the dust jacket before I start reading the book. I just feel like it prevents unnecessary ripping/ bending / folding of the dust jacket. And I like to keep my books as pristine as possible! Especially if the cover is awesome 😉

Friday Quirk #2: Don’t… Bend it!

Now I’ve just finished reading a nice flimsy paperback novel, I have yet another quirk, that I’m sure I’ve had for a while but I just wasn’t quiet aware of it until now.

I DISLIKE having my books bent soo far back that the spine has a crack right in the middle!

And now, the book I was reading has TWO spine cracks! Argh.. well, that’ll be another quirk to add to the list. This might push my hardback collection, even though they’re so much more expensive…